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Empowering Youth With Confidence and Belonging

We provide young people in need with the dignity of new clothing so that they can reach their potential.

138 Years of History

It’s More Than the Clothes...

Other solutions focus on the clothes themselves, but what we’re solving for are the real issues underneath.

Feeling excluded, invisible, or rejected
Bullying & chronic absenteeism
Significant drop-out risk
Hygiene-related health issues
Lack of protection from bad weather
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150 Million
New Clothes Given Since 1885
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"Brand new? Is this mine? I feel it's all changing. It’s going to be a great day."

Mike K.
NGA Program Recipient
Making an Impact

Mike was in need of clothing and a winter coat.

When Mike’s father left, taking everything, he faced a challenge. He needed clothes, especially a winter coat. At 6 feet tall and 300 lbs, finding the right fit was a puzzle. That’s when NGA stepped in to order a coat that suited Mike perfectly.

When the new coat arrived, Mike's eyes locked onto the tag. "Brand new? Is this mine?" Emotion welled up as he realized someone cared deeply for him. The next day, Mike walked into school confidently, wearing his new coat with pride. "I feel it's all changing. It’s going to be a great day," he beamed. It wasn't just about the coat; it impacted his self-worth and gave him a sense of dignity.

Clothing is a Human Right

Clothing insecurity is an ever-present problem that demands immediate action. Kids are facing these challenges every single day, and without adequate support, we risk holding back the full potential of the next generation. Donate today and become part of the solution.

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